Plastic Business Cards

The typical businessperson gathers up dozens of business cards each week. You know that from the number of cards you throw into a pile in one of the drawers of your office at work with the intention of going through them at some point and saving the ones you want and throwing out the rest. When we do that, we donít often think about the fact that to the person that gave you that card hoped that you would continue your business relationship with them and that their business card would make that happen.

Similarly, when you hand your card to a business associate, you are sending a little piece of you with them. That card has a mission to accomplish with each person who takes one with them. It is sent along with them to remind them to call you to schedule a meeting or think about purchasing your products or services. In that way a business card is a part of your promotion and marketing plan. But it is a very unique one because that business card speaks to that contact at home or on their desk at work and quietly encourages that phone call.

It could be a little discouraging when you realize that just as you discard many of the business cards you get, many of the cards you hand out get tossed. One of the problems is that if that person you want to maintain contact with has dozens of cards that were the result of a business week, they all blend together and you can "fall through the cracks" easily in the shuffle of papers that your card could become a part of. So the answer is to find a way to make your card stand out and shout to the holder not to toss it out because you are the contact he or she should get back with using the contact information on that card.

Probably one of the best ways to make your business card become the one that does not get lost in the shuffle is to go with a unique material like plastic or to use a magnet attachment to give it weight. Even if your card is in the middle of a stack of 50 cards, it will be noticed because of the texture of a plastic card. This one very simple choice of a slightly more expensive material for your card could be the one that gets your business card retained and that gets you that follow up call that a business card is designed to achieve. If you combine a colorful and eye catching design with the card and a message that reminds the customer that just as that card is unique, so is your product or service. You have taken what is often a boring and routine card and given it a marketing spin that will vastly improve its effectiveness.

It is this kind of innovative thinking that can make even something simple like your business card tremendously more effective. The extra cost will be worth it if the cards you give to clients regularly bring you more business. That is the idea of a business card in the first place. So why not equip it to be a success after your business card leaves your hands.