Magnetic Business Cards

The idea of being in business in any capacity and not having a business card is pretty much out of the question. Even if you are a one person entrepreneur, one of the first things you do when you start your business is buy some business cards. For some reason, just having a card that documents your business and your title makes you legitimate. And it gives you something to hand to people who are curious bout what you do.

Probably the two biggest uses of business cards, then, are identification and marketing. This is especially true if you are in sales or your work brings you in contact with a lot of strangers in the form of business contacts, partners or customers. After you have had a successful meeting with the business contact, leaving behind your business card is natural and expected. But if that card stays with the customers or contact, it can serve as a valuable tool to cause that person to come back to you to start those discussions up again. If the business card is well done, it can bring you a sale on a presentation you did long ago and forgot all about which is an unexpected bonus and definitely a surprise that justifies the expense of creating and then carrying around business cards to hand out to people.

However, handing someone your card is not a guarantee that it will do its job when that person returns home or to their office. How often have you come back from a meeting or several meetings and took out several business cards and just thrown them away? We all gather up a lot of little pieces of paper each day. So it would be very easy for that important business contact to lose or forget the importance of your business card and lose it or toss it out. Or if the card finds its way to someone who doesn’t understand who you are, that person might discard it. And once it is gone, so too are the possibilities that the person you were working with will contact you.

This is the rationale behind putting a magnet on a business card. For one thing, the magnet immediately makes the card heavier so it feels different in the pocket of your business contact. It doesn’t get treated like paper. But the most important reason that business cards that are backed with a magnet work well to stay with the client is that for some reason, people don't like to throw away magnets. Perhaps it is the "toy" factor. Also, a magnetized version of your business card can be used somewhat like a "refrigerator magnet" but perhaps to hold up notes on the side of a filing cabinet. So by making itself useful to your business contact, your card makes itself a permanent part of their office.

There is a higher costs to making business cards with magnets attached. But that extra marketing value of knowing your card will be the one of many that probably will not get lost or thrown away will very likely payback that extra cost with a higher percentage of return calls and perhaps higher sales as well. That is a good investment in a small but powerful marketing tool.