Inexpensive Business Cards

Supplying yourself and your employees with business cards is just part of the cost of doing business. Those cards do serve a function of encouraging business relationships and creating call backs from customers and business associates that are in relationship with your business. You would no more not supply the key executives and employees who create business with business cards than you would not give them pen and office supplies so they can do their job.

But just like all areas in the operation of your business, there are always ways to cut costs in the production of business cards for your people and not lose the quality you need. How you go about that depends a lot on how many business cards you need each year or each month. If you order business cards routinely in lots of 1000 cards, the source of savings may be with your supplier. Most businesses have their business cards made by a commercial printer. But that printing company that is supplying your business cards can almost certainly give you a better deal.

There is a lot of competition in the printing business. Many big retail office supply businesses can offer you an outstanding deal on business cards if your order is part of a larger order for all of your office supplies. By creating a bulk order for many kinds of office supplies, your costs for individual commodities like paper, pens, toner and business cards can come down dramatically. So it is worth your time to entertain competitive bids at least once a year to see if there is a business out there that can give you a better deal on these supplies than you are getting.

One thing if for sure and that is that good deals are not going to find you unless you go looking for them. But before you jump on a great deal that Staples or Office Depot can give you, take that deal to the office supplies company you have been working with for years. Many times, they can make you a deal to match or beat what the large retail chains can do for you. And if you can get the same good prices and stay in business with someone you know and trust, that makes good business sense.

Another option for any size business is to produce your business cards yourself. The idea that you have to set up a huge printing shop with lots of expensive and messy equipment to create a few thousand business cards each year is not in step with the technologies we have at our disposal these days.

You can often find very good business card software for the PC that will do a great job for you. By setting up a secretary or some other appropriate employee with a reliable printer, the blank cards that can be bought in bulk from paper suppliers and good software, you can save a lot of money making business cards yourself. Your turn around will be faster and you will even have more creative control over your business cards going this route. These are some pretty compelling reasons for taking control over this line item of your office supply budget and finding inexpensive approaches to giving business cards to your employees.