Free Business Cards

The basics of what a good business card should have on it are pretty much cut and dried. You need your name and title of course. Then you would also include the name of your company, your mailing address, location if different from mailing address, your phone and cell phone numbers and email and fax information if it is pertinent to your business. Sometimes if there is room, you can include your corporate motto or a promotional message. But in most cases, since you have business cards produced in bulk, that message is not one that changes very much.

A good business card doesn’t need much more than this basic information. The font and font size should be clear and easy to read so your customer or anyone in his or her organization that needs this card can quickly get to you to get more business moving. There is no question that your need of business cards is a basic fact of life for doing business. But how you have them produced and how much they cost is not set in stone.

There are varieties of ways you can even get your business cards done for free. Often if you have a relationship with a forms supplier or an office supply company like Staples or Office Depot, they will offer you a deal to do a limited number of business cards for free or at a significant discount as part of a larger order of paper or office goods. If your business card needs are not frequent or elaborate, this is a good way to go. But many times a free offer like this is a loss leader with strict limitations on number of cards they will make and number of characters you can use in the message. You don't want to limit the functionality of the cards just to get in on the free offer.

Probably the most commonly used outlet for free or inexpensive business cards are some of the online websites that will let you use their templates to set up and print your business cards using their online formats. In many cases, the templates are for free but you have to pay if they print and ship the cards. And as it often happens with online services, they find ways to recoup their costs and profits in the shipping charges or by capturing your business in other ways. So you have to be alert and savvy about these conditions before you decide to use online services.

Online sources can be great especially for the small business just getting underway or the entrepreneur who must contain costs heavily. Just be aware that you may sacrifice quality control to get the "deal" you want. Also, be aware that you can find programs for very little money that you can use to design and print your own business cards using a desktop unit in your business and your PC printer with some standard Avery business card forms. This may not be the free route to go about getting these cards made up, but it does save a lot of money over time and retains all the flexibility and creativity you may want to use as your business grows. So doing it yourself is very much a viable way to solve the business card production problem for your business.