Firefighter Business Cards

As a firefighter, you know there is more to the job than just going to emergencies and doing all you can to save lives and property from fires. While those critical functions are crucial to society and that is why citizens pay to keep firefighters working, there are lots of other functions you perform during those times when you are not locked in a life and death struggle with a raging fire.

Besides taking good care of your equipment, keeping the firehouse clean and orderly and staying in tiptop physical shape, going out on public appearances is a very important part of your work. That is because it is on those appearances that you can work to raise public awareness of fire safety and things everyone can do to keep their homes safe from fire as well as being prepared in the event of an emergency. So just as to a doctor, prevention of illness is as important as treating it, the more you and your fellow firefighters can do to help the citizens of your community prevent fires and to be prepared so when fires happen, the damage is minimized, the better job you are doing to fight fires even before they happen.

One tool you might not have considered that you can leave behind after a personal appearance are some helpful business cards that serve a very specific function that is very different from the business cards that most people are familiar with. By preparing a series of colorful, laminated business card sized cards, you can leave those behind with helpful hints that homeowners or kids in the home can tack up to help them maintain their fire prevention awareness. In communities where these cards have been used, the reports that those cheerful reminders made the difference in preventing death, injury or other disasters make the effort your department might go to entirely worth the effort.

There are various kinds of business cards that you can leave that can help people maintain their fire prevention habits or be prepared in the event of fire. For example, you can create a card that shows the five things to do each month to make sure the house is safety proofed including checking smoke alarms and doing fire escape drills with the family. Or you can pass out cards at a high school assembly with simple tips of what to do in the event a friend or loved one is burning or injured by a fire including the famous "stop, drop and roll" routine as well as how to call 911 and what to tell them. That card is one every teenager can carry in his wallet or purse and be the thing that helped a youth keep calm and save a life.

Check with your fire chief because these cards can often be ordered inexpensively so you can keep them on hand at the station. Then any fireman in your station that has a personal appearance planned can take the ones he feels would be the best to use and hand them out as part of that presentation. It is a valuable tool and people will love getting them because everyone wants to be prepared to fight fires before they happen and during the emergency as well.