Embossed Business Cards

When you hand your business card to someone, it makes a statement about you. Maybe at the time, your business contact just slips that card into his pocket. But the real value of that business card is what it does when you are not there. When that business contact takes that card out back at his office or at home, that is when you want that card to represent you well. You want that card to be to that client or business partner a good representation of the person they got to know during your meeting with them.

Do you want that card to say, "This person you met is boring and just like every other businessperson you ever met"? Or do you want it to say, "This is someone who is creative, unique and can bring a new slant on your business challenges that will result in success and a long term partnership"? Well, obviously, since all of us meet dozens of people every day, you want your business card to stand out and separate you from the pack of the many people that busy businessperson may wish to talk to again. By making your card unique and creative, you accomplish that goal well.

What if you could not only make your card look great but even make it appealing to the touch? A card that has a texture to it really stands out because it is the one that your business contact will notice even in a pocket full of cards. It will be the card that he or she might pick up and enjoy in a tactile sense while on the phone or doing something else. In short, it creases a nice physical appeal that ties in to the visual appeal of a well designed business card.

Textured papers are one great way to get that "feel" of luxury and quality in the very paper stock that your cards are printed on. If you use a texture that has a pattern in it or that has a unique touch to it, donít be surprised if your contacts ask for more than one to share with others. The card itself becomes an encounter and an experience. And each time someone is admiring the quality textures of your business card, that card is talking about you with the message printed there. That is a good business card and good marketing all at once.

When you add embossing to raise the letters of that card so they can be "felt" as well as read, that literally adds the third dimension to your card that sets it apart from all the other cards your clients collect in a normal business day. Now, putting that kind of extra effort into a business card will cost a little more. But when that card shouts the message to your customers and contacts that you are a person of quality and creativity, the small cost of production is more than offset by that powerful marketing message that will result in many more call backs and a lively business life because you put a little more thought into what your business card looks like and says about you.