Cheap Business Cards

We all have had the experience of meeting a salesman who hands you his card and it is all glossy or includes a magnet or a hologram. The theory that businessperson is working from is that if you think his or her card is really "cool" you will put it somewhere memorable (like on your refrigerator) which might generate sales. This may be a correct assumption but not that great in the logic department.

You and I both know that people will seek out your product or service if (a) they need it, (b) they feel confident you can provide that service and that you are a trustworthy and reliable to do business with and (c) they have your basic contact information. A person doesnít engage you to help them with a problem because you have a cool card. In fact, if your card is too extravagant, that may indicate that you are not prudent in how you do business and it could actually discourage business.

These are compelling reasons to feel free and look for ways to create cards to promote your business that are economical or, for lack of a better word, "cheap". This doesnít mean you want something shoddy or tasteless. But you can find ways to save money on your cards, which is another area of your business to cut costs. And that is just smart business management.

Like many areas where costs seem to be too high and there isnít a lot of leverage, the internet brings new leverage to even the cost of the cards you use for business. There are number web sites that allow you to log on and basically design your cards from the ground up. That means you can influence what the cards are made of, the font, the ink and the quantity you wish to start your order off with.

This is an outstanding way to get control over your promotional budget in this small but important part of your business profile. For one thing, if you are not sure that your basic information is going to stay the same for a long time, you donít want to have to make up 1000 cards and then just have to change them in a couple months. You may have a change of office coming soon or you will be changing your email account. In this case, even though it is more expensive on a "per card" basis, it makes more sense to order 200 cards or less and just use them until you know your contact information is stable and then place the higher order.

Internet services do cost in terms of shipping and handling and you do have to find one you can depend on. But by using one that your business associates use, you can trade with confidence online. This approach is also a great way to get cards for new employees and not have to invest so much in them until you know they are going to be with the company for a while. So include this option in your business development plan as it is yet one more way to capture control of costs even in this small are of business of the cards you carry in your purse or wallet.