Business Greeting Cards

When you meet with a client or a potential business partner, it is a standard operating procedure to exchange business cards sometimes during the meeting. Even if you have no intention of continuing the business relationship, this ritual has become just common courtesy. But when you very much want to get together with an important business contact, you want that business card to stick to your new business associate like glue. It is your one shot to send something with him or her that will remind that contact to pick up the business relationship where you left off by calling for another appointment.

But there is another way to create a "second shot" at reminding that business contact who you are and what might come of continued discussion of your business relationship. That is to send along a greeting card shortly after the meeting thanking him or her for their time, briefly remarking about the progress that was made in the first talk and reminding that contact that further meetings promise to be just as mutually beneficial.

People who are looking for a job know this tactic well. It is one thing to go to the interview and leave your credentials which for a job applicant is the resume. But the job seekers who often break through to actually land the job are the ones who follow up the interview with a thank you note. That is what a greeting card from your business to the customer or potential business contact does for you. It overcomes the natural effect time and other concerns has on making your meeting fade into memory. That cheerful, friendly and simple card brings that good meeting back to recent memory and puts your business with that contact back on the "front burner" where it belongs.

It is a good idea to go ahead and stock a variety of these kinds of cards in your office to use after any important business meeting. You can use a standard thank you style note thanking the contact for her or her time and reminding the contact of the work that was done. You can keep humorous cards if you feel the relationship supports such teasing and those little grins in card form and bring a new smile to the face of your business contact and decide to pick up the phone and call you. And, of course, you can use holiday cards or cards recognizing a birthday, upcoming wedding congratulations or just to pass along shared pride at an accomplishment you shared with the contact. Any of these "excuses" to renew contact with a business associate or client opens that door again for fresh discussions and meetings.

By making it a practice to always send out a thank you or some other form of greeting after an important meeting, you are setting up the "one two punch" that comes from what your business card is doing with what that greeting card will do. Add to both of those a well timed follow up call and you have a solid business strategy that will pay off time and time again.