Business Cards 16pt Font

It is easy to underestimate the marketing value of the simple business card in terms of how much it can help recruit customers or cement a business relationship that you may have worked hard to develop. When you put that card into the hand of the business contact, you want to speak to again, that card becomes a vital contact point that goes home or back to the office of the business contact you are working with.

More than a follow up call or a commercial on television, that card can remind the customer or business contact of the time he or she spent with you. That is why how that card looks must speak your message in a subtle way even though you are not there. Sitting on the desk of that important new client or business partner is your card telling your story and reminding that businessperson that they had more questions to ask you or that they wanted to go forward with the business relationship. And because the card has your vital contact information, it can inspire that contact to pick up the phone or write an email to make that happen.

It is for this reason that putting a little thought into the look of your business card as well as its quality makes a difference. Even little things like the size of the letters, the font and the boldness of the ink can mean a lot. Remember that little card can't talk. So as it lays on the desk of that important business contact, you want him or her to be able to read your name, your company name and any promotional information you can fit on there easily without squinting or even having to pick the card up.

Experiment with different colors, fonts and sizes. It might be cheaper, for example, to go with a 14 point font size when a 16 point font can make such a better statement to your customer. But that little card has little else besides font size and style to use to talk to that business contact or customer and tell him or her that the need to renew that business relationship is immediate and to get the momentum moving on your discussions again.

Maybe the most important change in the decisions you will make about your business card design is your attitude. This card is actually part of your marketing program, not just a thing you have to carry in your pocket because everybody else has business cards. So by catching the vision of how that little card can literally become your marketing agent with customers or partners when you are not there, you can easily justify the cost and creative effort you will put into getting the layout of the cart right the first time.