Business Birthday Cards

In the business world, any excuse to make an additional contact with a client or business partner is one we want to take advantage of. It is very easy to lose contact with important business contacts when a customer's last order was enough to hold them for a while or you do not have an active business project going with a contact. The problem is that the

"out of sight, out of mind" principle can be a disaster when it comes to running a business. That is why taking advantage of even sentimental occasions like birthdays or anniversaries is a way to add a little personal touch to your business correspondence.

You can gather important dates from your customers or business contacts in a lot of ways. One way is just to pay attention when you are having a meeting and to use that "social time" before discussions of the business topic of the day to skillfully find out important dates in the lives of the people you are building a business relationship with. By keeping some notes throughout your business day, you can build a database of important dates in the lives of your customers and contacts so you can send a birthday card or some other remembrance on that important date.

No matter how old we all get, we love to see our birthday's celebrated. When your customer or business partner is celebrating his or her birthday in their office, his or her coworkers will often make a fuss about that date. That is one of the things that makes office life enjoyable and what builds strong relationships in the business world. By simply sending along an upbeat card with a short personal note and your contact information at the bottom of the card, you can join the celebration of that special day and reinforce your business relationship with that customer in a fun and relaxed way.

You can understand why getting a simple but fun card from a business contact can build that business relationship from those times when you received a birthday card from a business that you had patronized in the previous year. Even though you know that vendor is sending you that card as a low key form of promotion, if the card is tasteful and fitting to the occasion, it still becomes part of your special day. Then if you hear from that business contact in the weeks following the birthday or anniversary they helped you celebrate, you are more open to seeing them again to reopen the business relationship.

Maintaining a practice of sending along birthday cards to customers and important business partners just makes good business sense. You can have one person in your office in charge of keeping track of such things and making sure the cards are prepared, signed and sent out each week. Then if you also add a follow up call to that business contact in the week after the card was sent, you are being a diligent business partner to that contact. You will be rewarded for this attention to detail with additional business and stronger business relationships as well. And strong relationships are a key to success for your business to be sure.