Blank Business Cards

Most of the time when you get new business cards for your work, you order a set of 1000 from the local business supply outlet such as Staples or Office Depot. You get those bland white business cards with black lettering just reporting your contact information and nothing more. The last thing you might think of when it comes to using these little cards is to find ways to creativity communicate with your customers and business contacts.

The business card format is an ideal size for all manner of messages and creative communications with your customers. Yes, you do need a good number of standard business cards so you can give them out to speed communications with your customers. But along with that supply of completed cards that you keep in your desk, there is good reason to lay in a supply of blanks in the same business card size to give you another venue for communication with your customers.

When an artist looks at a blank canvas for painting or at an untouched stone for sculpting, many times that is described as the most creative moment the artist experiences. That is because that blank page has the potential for any kind of creativity whereas once the artist begins to paint, the outcome is narrowed by what is already on the canvas. Now, as business people, we donít think of business cards as creative masterpieces. But by keeping some blanks on hand, you give yourself the tools to let that creative side of you go to come up with some really fun ways of staying in touch with your clients.

A good example might be when you are about to go to a meeting with a client you have known for a while. You no doubt gave that client your business card long ago during your first meeting. Well, what if every time you and that client or business contact got together, you handed him or her a new and creative business card with an exciting font, a silly background or a special effect, each one with the same information presented in a colorful and creative way? That would add a level of fun and anticipation to your meetings. And that client would make a collection of those cards back at his or her office to show off to associates who drop by.

Blank cards are not hard to come by. Most office supply stores keep large stocks of them to use to print cards for their customers. They would be happy to sell you a stock for your creative needs. You can buy them already cut so you can get creative with pens and markers or you can buy them in sheets so you can have fun learning to use one of the many creative and inexpensive computer programs you can find to make really great cards that send a eye catching message to your business contacts every time you get together for a meeting. And because you put some personality and excitement into the bland act of exchanging business cards, you will get those discussions off on the right foot and well on the way to a long and profitable business relationship with your clients. And it all starts with a blank card and your creative imagination.

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