Avery Business Cards

Putting together a good looking business card is as much part of your marketing as billboards and TV spots. In fact, that card you hand to a client or prospective business partner will bring you more real business than most promotions you will run. That is because handing that card to a contact along with a handshake, eye contact and a smile is the strongest connection you can make in a business setting. That contact is the one that very often results in a sale or a deal. And it is your business card that rides home with that customer and gives them a contact point to come back to you to close the deal later. VistaPrint.com Will Help You Get Started...Get Your FREE Business Card Today!

The more flexibility you have in the design of your business card, the better. The problem is that most printers lock you in to a large order and sometimes don't give you very large options in what you can order. So if you have to order 1000 cards in a specific font and size because that is all the printer or business center can do for you, that really is a limitation on your ability to conduct your marketing. Finding a better way is in order anytime your ability to use all of your creativity to market your business is involved.

The good news is that the major business supplies makers have moved in on the business card market. And when it comes to custom forms for business, there is no more well known and reliable name than the Avery company. Avery has the kind of market penetration and clout that they can offer not only the materials but the software so you can make your own business cards at home or from any PC in your office.

It is a sweet combination for Avery. Because making your own cards is so much more economical for you and it gives you all the creative control you want, the software and materials package is a huge seller. And because their software works perfectly with the materials, once you get set up and know how to work the software, you will be using it for many years generating more card stock materials sales for Avery.

For the small business person or the entrepreneur, moving the production of business cards from a printer to your office means a drastic reduction in costs. In addition to eliminating the middleman, which means eliminating a layer of cost that the vendor represented, you also take control over the quantity of cards you need. Once you have a template for the cards you like, you can make as few or as many as you need. That means if you only need 10 business cards, that is all you have to print. You never have to stockpile the cards which might become obsolete if your address or other contact details change. VistaPrint.com Will Help You Get Started...Get Your FREE Business Card Today!

This is the way to go for anyone who is trying to take control of costs while gaining new flexibility in this one area of your business. You can turn over the production of your company's business cards to a secretary who will not only be just as efficient as any printer, the in-house approach will be much faster and more flexible as well. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

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